I usually have three levels of passwords based on..
Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:55am

how secure I need it to be. Ex: level 1 top security would be unique hard passwords for work and banks and such. Then level 2 for middle ground and then easier level 3 passwords for stupid throw away stuff.

Even then though with having to reset passwords after x amount of time being more common, my passwords seem to vary quite a bit between everything even on "lower level" stuff that started more or less the same.

    • They wouldn't bother. They'd just rainbow table that thing - Puckdropper, Fri Nov 08 2019 4:06pm
      up and have it figured out in maybe an hour's worth of computing time. (Now, back 10 years ago it was a couple years worth.) I like to tell people there's three passwords that should be unique: Your bank, your Facebook, and your e-mail. Everything else, it's hard to do much irreversible damage. ... more
      • I usually have three levels of passwords based on..- Erik_, Sat Nov 09 2019 3:55am
        • That's pretty close to how I handle things. - Puckdropper, Sun Nov 10 2019 3:13pm
          I can't remember every password and my password manager isn't always accessible. And if it's on the phone, it's not convenient for the computer. Too bad user accounts are so effective at preventing spam.
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