Yeah, Archive.org does that. Sometimes you can get the page
Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:00pm

from another time archive.

    • Agreed. - Erik_, Thu Oct 24 2019 1:24pm
      Too bad it seems like archive.org isn't that great of a source for archiving the original site. It seems to get the main app pages okay but the thread contents are almost always broken links.
      • Yeah, Archive.org does that. Sometimes you can get the page- Puckdropper, Thu Oct 31 2019 3:00pm
        • Any suggestions on good ones? I always just figured archive.org was the only place that had the resources to actually save and maintain all that data.
          • There's mirrors, but I meant a different archive time - Puckdropper, Mon Nov 04 2019 1:02pm
            archive.org takes snapshots on multiple days. Sometimes they don't get everything.
            • Ah yeah... - Erik_, Thu Nov 07 2019 3:36am
              They usually aren't as frequent enough though to actually get the thread you're looking for. It will usually be a few months earlier if you're lucky which has all different threads on the first page.
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