I wonder how copyright actually applies to clones
Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:36pm

The strange thing about copyright was that you had to show damages, but then the definition of damages was "anything that we decide it is."

I forgot about the images on the admin page.

    • Well, only for maybe copywrite infringement... - Erik, Thu Oct 10 2019 1:39pm
      I have a to-do ticket in GitHub to replace all image assets copied from the original site to change them to my own. All code is me though. Dunno if you know, but it's a whole clone of the disc app service, not just this board. The admin site and everything. You can check out the other test boa... more
      • I wonder how copyright actually applies to clones- Puckdropper, Fri Oct 11 2019 1:36pm
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