Hm... #133. Not bad, really for something like this created
Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:34pm

from scratch.

    • Created ticket #133 to fix this. - Erik, Thu Oct 10 2019 1:31pm
      I currently have it in the next release. It might get pushed out as I have a lot of original features to implement before the end of the month. Link to bug ticket: https://github.com/shamrice/discapp/issues/133
      • Hm... #133. Not bad, really for something like this created- Puckdropper, Fri Oct 11 2019 1:34pm
        • Latest as of tonight is #176 - Erik_, Thu Nov 07 2019 4:23am
          Still haven't gotten to #133. :) It probably also helps that I'm the only one creating and reporting tickets besides #133 so far. We'll see what happens if that other forum jumps on but you're right, it's really not that bad considering this is from scratch started in July.
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