Some interfaces can adapt pretty easily...
Wed Dec 08, 2021 5:37am

Like on Sketchup where they're tracking the mouse it doesn't have to do that to be effective. It just needs to give you a direction and let you go the opposite way (by entering a negative number) if you need to.

Those Android pens can be nice, but they're just like a big finger. The Surface Pen is quite a bit finer so it's easier to hit a small target. I'm not sure if the Surface Pen will allow an Android device to use it, but it doesn't work if you just tap the screen with it. (It is Bluetooth so it can have its position tracked.)

    • Huh... didn't realize that! - Erik_, Tue Dec 07 2021 2:53am
      Also didn't think about mouse actions besides "point & click". Yeah, tracking mouse movement alone, without any other interaction would be pretty difficult on a touch screen... I definitely use mouse & keyboard where possible. My mom has this pen for her android tablet that she uses. I'm guessing... more
      • Some interfaces can adapt pretty easily...- Puckdropper, Wed Dec 08 2021 5:37am
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