There's not much that doesn't have an SSL certificate
Sun Dec 05, 2021 4:20am

There's even a secure way to access my website. It's a good thing, especially with as much snooping as goes on.

A mouse-centric UI transfers horribly to a touch screen. There's no "point" it's just "click". If your UI (I'm looking at you, PrusaSlicer) uses keyboard+mouse combinations, it's impossible to use at all. If your UI uses "point" as one of the options, like Sketchup does, then the touch screen doesn't work so well on it. Imagine using an extrude on a square. You tell Sketchup which way to extrude by moving the mouse. If you go one way, it extrudes to say the right side. If you go the other, then it goes to the left. How do you do that with a touch screen?

That's the keyboard cover. It's a keyboard and finger-tip scraping mouse (I don't like track pads.) It's not the pen, the pen is an actual pen (with plastic tip) that you can use. It's much finer than a pencil but input with it still lags behind. The Apple Newton got it right, but it was built from the ground up to be a Pen-based OS. Windows has just added pen support. It leaves something to be desired but it does work.

I'm using Microsoft SwiftKey on Android and it's a little better. Boy those arrow keys are nice especially for when I spot a typo or can't tap JUST in the right spot. Predictions used to be pretty good, but I made the mistake of signing in on my new phone and it gives me literal garbage. It'll be a website suggestion like lkxnediscapp.herokuapp.com or something strange like that. Guess it's a bug they need to work out.

Yeah, I was kinda slow on the Smart Phone too. It was November 2013 when I got mine, not long before the Washington, IL Tornado. Wow, that was 8 years ago. It seems like it was less.

    • Well, 20 years of minimal use. - Erik_, Fri Dec 03 2021 2:01am
      The forum is one of the few sites that still work with these old browsers. Almost everything is HTTPS (which is a good thing) and nothing on Win 3.x seems to be able to handle it that I can find. So yeah, it's probably only received about a few months worth of use over those 20 years. :) Doesn't... more
      • There's not much that doesn't have an SSL certificate- Puckdropper, Sun Dec 05 2021 4:20am
        • Huh... didn't realize that! - Erik_, Tue Dec 07 2021 2:53am
          Also didn't think about mouse actions besides "point & click". Yeah, tracking mouse movement alone, without any other interaction would be pretty difficult on a touch screen... I definitely use mouse & keyboard where possible. My mom has this pen for her android tablet that she uses. I'm guessing... more
          • Some interfaces can adapt pretty easily... - Puckdropper, Wed Dec 08 2021 5:37am
            Like on Sketchup where they're tracking the mouse it doesn't have to do that to be effective. It just needs to give you a direction and let you go the opposite way (by entering a negative number) if you need to. Those Android pens can be nice, but they're just like a big finger. The Surface Pen... more
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