Happy Thanksgiving! New Christmas QB Challenge Idea
Thu Nov 25, 2021 2:34am

Happy Thanksgiving

I've been thinking about doing a new Christmas QB challenge again like 'Santa's Christmas Rescue'. Starting 12/1 until 12/25, make a Christmas themed QB game.

Current idea for this year is a two level set up that switches back and forth similar to some Atari 2600 games back in the day. Again, you will be playing as Santa.

Start level is a flying level where you are in your sleigh and have to dodge things and fire at foes to get to the next house to deliver presents to.

Once you land at the house, it becomes a side scrolling game where you have to sneak and drop off presents under the tree. I'm not really sure how this one will work yet or what enemies there may be but you travel from the sleigh to the tree and drop off a present. If you get hit, you have to double back to the sleigh and re-get a present. I'm guessing the amount of presents you will need to drop off depend on the current level you are on.

Finally after "x" amount of houses completed, you beat the game and Christmas night is finished.

Any input is greatly appreciated. I think this idea could work out. Maybe a boss fight at some point? No idea what that would be though.

Edit: I can't believe Santa's Christmas Rescue has been out for about 4 years now!

    • How about snooping kids? - Puckdropper, Sat Nov 27 2021 5:29am
      You have to navigate from the Chimney to the Christmas tree, but snooping kids and parents (and other obstacles?) add to your exhaustion meter. If a kid sees you, your "exhaustion" meter goes up (opposite a hit point meter, max is bad and you lose a guy or Christmas is RUINED.) and you have to offe... more
      • Those are all really great ideas!! - Erik_, Tue Nov 30 2021 11:55am
        The idea for the failure screen had me actually "lol". I wonder how close I can get to "Hey Santa" with the QB "PLAY" command? Originally, I was thinking a side view multi-leveled house where you have to go down stairs, chimneys and such to get to the next floor (tree on the first floor). Just s... more
        • It's Christmas Night, of course it's dark - Puckdropper, Fri Dec 03 2021 2:35am
          So that limits line of sight. Santa will be generally in the halls, except wherethe tree is.As a snooper gets closer, they get curious. When close enough, they spot Santa. This could be "steps" based. Bedrooms could display a light on the door before a snooper spawns. Let's keep it simple, candy... more
          • More good ideas. So are you seeing the game as... - Erik_, Tue Dec 07 2021 3:01am
            a top view tile engine style game? Sort of like the Java Millennium Crisis with cats was? That was I can "attempt" dynamically light tiles as the game goes on.
            • I was thinking more of a one-screen game sorta like Donkey - Puckdropper, Wed Dec 08 2021 5:31am
              Kong Jr. But maybe things won't fit that format nicely. Off subject: Can the Lawnmower game be adapted to Android? It might be fun and get you some root beer money if you make like a demo level and a cheap paid version.
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