The ship wheel is actually Netscape 3
Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:58am

Netscape 4 is the lighthouse icon. (At least in Win 3.x)

4.08 is the Netscape version that burned into my head as well as "THE" Netscape version. I have version 3.04 and 4.08 installed on my 486. For some reason 4.08 recently decided to start freezing the whole computer when opening the program. I tried deleting my user folder and that just caused it to start throwing an error of "Insufficient memory". I guess I might just have to download it fresh and reinstall or something. Not sure what's happening there as it worked without any issues for almost 20 years. (Bad spot on CF card?)

Sk8er actually uses a Surface as his work computer and really likes it... he also has all the attachments possible with a keyboard, mouse and multiple monitors for when he's at his desk. I'm guessing it's a higher spec'd one...or it's possible his work doesn't require a real resource intensive computer. I always thought they were sort of cool with having the detatchable KB to help make the tablet style more laptop-able if needed. (I hate typing on OSK). If I were to buy a tablet (not seeing that in the near future) it would have the leg up over an iPAD for me though.

    • Netscape Communicator 4.08 was the version to use. - Puckdropper, Tue Nov 23 2021 4:53am
      Wow, I can still remember that "ship wheel" logo Netscape used. Haven't thought about it in years. It was so welcome to have a choice besides a Microsoft Product. (Says the guy who bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Neat toy, but isn't great at being a laptop.)
      • The ship wheel is actually Netscape 3- Erik_, Wed Nov 24 2021 3:58am
        • Oh yeah, I forgot about the lighthouse. - Puckdropper, Thu Nov 25 2021 3:51am
          I thought it was just a better resolution ship's wheel. 20 years and it still works fine? Wow, sometimes I felt lucky when it made it a few months. The pen is actually quite nice. What seems to hold things back is the very Mouse-centric UI Most Windows Apps have. Imagine a world without just a mo... more
          • Well, 20 years of minimal use. - Erik_, Fri Dec 03 2021 2:01am
            The forum is one of the few sites that still work with these old browsers. Almost everything is HTTPS (which is a good thing) and nothing on Win 3.x seems to be able to handle it that I can find. So yeah, it's probably only received about a few months worth of use over those 20 years. :) Doesn't... more
            • There's not much that doesn't have an SSL certificate - Puckdropper, Sun Dec 05 2021 4:20am
              There's even a secure way to access my website. It's a good thing, especially with as much snooping as goes on. A mouse-centric UI transfers horribly to a touch screen. There's no "point" it's just "click". If your UI (I'm looking at you, PrusaSlicer) uses keyboard+mouse combinations, it's imp... more
              • Huh... didn't realize that! - Erik_, Tue Dec 07 2021 2:53am
                Also didn't think about mouse actions besides "point & click". Yeah, tracking mouse movement alone, without any other interaction would be pretty difficult on a touch screen... I definitely use mouse & keyboard where possible. My mom has this pen for her android tablet that she uses. I'm guessing... more
                • Some interfaces can adapt pretty easily... - Puckdropper, Wed Dec 08 2021 5:37am
                  Like on Sketchup where they're tracking the mouse it doesn't have to do that to be effective. It just needs to give you a direction and let you go the opposite way (by entering a negative number) if you need to. Those Android pens can be nice, but they're just like a big finger. The Surface Pen... more
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