I heard about the John Deere fasco before.
Thu Oct 07, 2021 2:56pm

I heard that some farmers were opting to keep 40+ year old tractors in service or bringing them back out once their brand new tractor died and they weren't able to fix it without paying a ton of money to John Deere.

Definitely an underhanded business model that I too hope doesn't spill over to car manufacturers. I'm sure Tesla is already doing something like that though with their stuff.

That said, I've heard the new cars do usually need an expensive diagnostic tool and software to get things done. I know the guy I go to for my yearly inspections has to pay a ton to keep his stuff up to date. He was telling me how on some brand new car (Ford maybe?) to change the rear brakes, you needed to plug in the diagnostic tool and then tell the computer to retract the brake pads so you can change them. (It might have been the e-brake... I'm not sure). Either way, having to have and maintain something like that puts someone like me out of being able to do that stuff myself in my driveway. least until Harbor Freight comes out with some knock off that "mostly" works. :)

I agree though, cars keep getting more and more reliable and lasting longer over the past 20 years. We salt the roads here and seeing an early-mid 2000s car on the road that looks decent isn't that uncommon.

    • Car computers are a little more sane - Puckdropper, Fri Oct 01 2021 2:56am
      I haven't had any problems with them, but I also don't have a large sample size. In fact, a car produced in the last 10 years will probably be much more reliable than one produced 10 years before that, even with the computer systems. John Deere, the tractor manufacturer, decided to DRM their par... more
      • I heard about the John Deere fasco before.- Erik_, Thu Oct 07 2021 2:56pm
        • It's only a matter of time before all this computerization - Puckdropper, Sat Oct 09 2021 11:58pm
          goes awry. Ask anyone who works on Windows source code, they'll tell you that it HAS bugs in it and they won't fix it unless certain conditions are met. Can you imagine hitting a bug in your car that the manufacturer won't fix and won't release anything to let someone develop a fix, and your car i... more
          • things could go very bad in that regard. And if the DRMs help the company create extra revenue, they'll probably go that route regardless if it screws over the customers because in the end, if they're large enough, they know they'll win. I'm waiting to see some stupid car thing come out like: ... more
            • Carbon Monoxide Detectors do that - Puckdropper, Tue Oct 12 2021 4:47am
              I guess their sensor is only good for 7 years or so, but it's annoying to have to replace them. Good thing they're competitive market goods so the price is reasonable. Some European countries have interesting "after sale" policies to prevent such nonsense. It's things like parts have to be made... more
              • that expires so it stops working. That makes sense in that regard. Or maybe it's based on average life span? Like, some may work for 15 years but most fail between 6-10?
                • I think it's something like the item decays when exposed to - Puckdropper, Sun Oct 24 2021 4:29am
                  air, so after 7 years the CO detector just won't work. I'm sure the manufacturers don't mind. Why develop something better if they have a guaranteed revenue stream? (They're also required by law in many places and if you've got gas appliances and don't have them you NEED to get one. Seriously.... more
                  • Here in NY I believe we're suppose to have both... - Erik_, Mon Nov 01 2021 2:27am
                    by law. Smoke detectors and CO detectors. When we bought our house like 6+ years ago the previous owner was like "I didn't have time to install these, but here's a box with a bunch of detectors to install". We agreed to them and some how having the detectors available in the box like that was ... more
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