Work and more so COBOL has gotten me into the habit of...
Tue Sep 07, 2021 2:44am

jumping to documentation when I have a question about how/why something is working not like I expect it to.

COBOL is full of weirdnesses and multiple ways to do things.

Example, here's one of the DISPLAY statement's possible syntaxes:


I don't think I really ever read too much in the QB help until I made Santa's Christmas Rescue. Since then, it's my go-to for info first. It's actually really amazing documentation and has basically everything in it short of the assembly hacks people did later on. Visual Basic's built in help (at least the ones I've used) is on par as well.

    • You read the manual for the PRINT statement? - Puckdropper, Wed Sep 01 2021 6:41pm
      Who does that? Seriously, WHO DOES THAT? I get why they did that, it's kinda annoying to do a cout when you want to make a simple table. print "My Values", value, value2, value3 is much cleaner. (I think I read the manual for print back in like 1999. Oh those wild "end of the mil... more
      • Work and more so COBOL has gotten me into the habit of...- Erik_, Tue Sep 07 2021 2:44am
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