Does the back most seat fold down?
Tue Sep 07, 2021 2:26am

My father in law has a Hyundai mini van where the rear most seat folds into the floor which is nice to fit extra stuff. (The two middle seats come out completely as well.)

Just bringing that up because I guess it depends on how much you need that rear most seat for sitting instead of just some extra storage. If that's the case, the car seats in the middle seats isn't such a big deal. If you keep the car for long enough that they're out of the car seats, the extra sitting room to truck around friends and such would be nice to have.

That's a good point. #1 might be walking well enough to not even need the stroller seat anymore by the time #2 arrives down the road.

    • I liked the Toyota Sienna minivan - Puckdropper, Wed Sep 01 2021 6:59pm
      but it's hard to get in the back with two child seats in the middle. Maybe the child seats are supposed to be in the back, but it's hard enough sometimes to get the 18 month old into the middle seat, I can't imagine trying to get her all the way in the back. I don't know what we're going to get ... more
      • Does the back most seat fold down?- Erik_, Tue Sep 07 2021 2:26am
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