There are some. 1:64 is a very uncommon scale, though.
Thu Jul 22, 2021 11:21pm

It's too bad 1:64 is popular for cars and 1:87 is popular for trains. It'd be great to have more scale cars and inexpensive ones at that. Oh well. Looks like the 1:64 market sells well so I'll keep making buildings at that scale and print off only a few at 1:87.

I got a letter about "we think someone may have used your SSN to obtain employment", so might be caught up in a computer glitch. Hm... some news articles are blaming the stimulus checks. It's said that if the amount was wrong (we asked for a correction on ours, my wife didn't get her portion on the first one) they'll flag it for manual review and they're understaffed, underfunded, covid-delayed, excuse-making and most likely under no obligation to pay in a timely manner. (This can be avoided by paying us late fees charged at the same rate as they charge us. Now delays cost them money and that's a pretty good motivation to get things done!)

I haven't seen the child stimulus check either. We might not get that until they give us our refund.

    • Or is this more for model car hobbyist? Did you receive the letters in the mail? That's the one that I've gotten like 3 of. I just checked my bank and I got my $300 direct deposited on 7/15. Are you guys getting audited or something? We received our money a lonnnng time ago. I know the sta... more
      • There are some. 1:64 is a very uncommon scale, though.- Puckdropper, Thu Jul 22 2021 11:21pm
        • It sounds like the type of thing that if you trust them to fix it without being followed up on, it will bounce around in limbo forever. My brother in law worked for the IRS for a short time. He hated it. I don't think he was even there a year.
          • I'm not sure who to call yet - Puckdropper, Sat Jul 31 2021 12:34pm
            I'm probably going to see if they do anything on Monday about getting us the refund then get ahold of my tax preparers and see what they say.
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