Car brought to the junkyard.
Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:15am

Made back the uhaul rental cost in weight of the metal.

Took the steering wheel off before leaving and then took the tires off at the scrapyard.

Now comes the daunting task of sorting and organizing alllllll the parts that have literally filled my whole garage. Yay...

    • In this case, yeah. Sometimes you get lucky... - Erik_, Tue Jul 06 2021 2:58pm
      And it's just an isolated spot. I've seen people weld sections before but it's still a ton of work. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere things didn't rust (basically where there's no snow/salt) but then again, NY gets too hot for me as it is. Haha Are there forums you can post your stuff in the ... more
      • There are buy/sell/trade groups - Puckdropper, Fri Jul 09 2021 5:23pm
        I haven't looked too much in to them yet because I have no time. Sometimes I feel like I'm stealing moments to visit my 3D printer and print replacements for the ones that sold. If I could just sell one building a day, that's somewhere around $300-1000 per month (depends on the building) more in... more
        • Groups might be a good spot to sell. - Erik_, Mon Jul 12 2021 2:28pm
          Especially if they're groups specific for model trains and such. Also, what about eBay? I know they can hammer you with seller fees and such but it also has a large audience. We're getting more checks? Sweet! :) I'm so out of the loop one what we're suppose to get or when.
          • Yeah, those are things I need to look for - Puckdropper, Tue Jul 13 2021 2:49pm
            There's a lot of guys looking for garages for their cars. If I had the space I'd be doing 1:24 garages too, but they won't fit on the printer (maybe a Prusa XL when that comes out?) eBay is 12.55%, so it's not unreasonable. They've sold a few models for me this month. It's not easy to keep u... more
            • the 1:64 stuff? I guess 12.55% isn't so bad considering they make things really easy for both buyer and seller. Speaking of keeping up. I'm not even sure the Treasury is keeping up. I've received the same "You're entitled to...blah blah blah... you need not do anything" message from Joe THRE... more
              • Yes, it is. It's close to 3 times larger. - Puckdropper, Mon Jul 19 2021 4:51am
                When the 1:64 stuff barely fits on the printer, the 1:24 stuff won't even slice. I'm not even sure if my smallest building will print at 1:24. Most consignment shops take 20% or more, so it's way better than that. You do have to do most the work, though. I haven't gotten anything yet from Jo... more
                • Or is this more for model car hobbyist? Did you receive the letters in the mail? That's the one that I've gotten like 3 of. I just checked my bank and I got my $300 direct deposited on 7/15. Are you guys getting audited or something? We received our money a lonnnng time ago. I know the sta... more
                  • There are some. 1:64 is a very uncommon scale, though. - Puckdropper, Thu Jul 22 2021 11:21pm
                    It's too bad 1:64 is popular for cars and 1:87 is popular for trains. It'd be great to have more scale cars and inexpensive ones at that. Oh well. Looks like the 1:64 market sells well so I'll keep making buildings at that scale and print off only a few at 1:87. I got a letter about "we think ... more
                    • It sounds like the type of thing that if you trust them to fix it without being followed up on, it will bounce around in limbo forever. My brother in law worked for the IRS for a short time. He hated it. I don't think he was even there a year.
                      • I'm not sure who to call yet - Puckdropper, Sat Jul 31 2021 12:34pm
                        I'm probably going to see if they do anything on Monday about getting us the refund then get ahold of my tax preparers and see what they say.
      • Car brought to the junkyard.- Erik_, Thu Jul 08 2021 10:15am
        • Wow, those little Rigid screwdrivers are powerful aren't the - Puckdropper, Fri Jul 09 2021 5:16pm
          y? Looks like you've got one there in place of the engine. Bet the car really moved well! Looks like a pretty good job stripping that car down. You probably do have a lot of parts! Label label label. I'm surprised at how much space lawn mower parts took up after I took them off a bad mower... more
          • The Rigid stuff is great! - Erik_, Sun Jul 11 2021 1:26am
            That's actually my impact gun but I also have the screwdriver/drill. They're a life saver. I originally bought the Harbor Freight impact gun that was corded and it couldn't even take off the lug nuts on my tire. It's also huge and doesn't fit into anything confined. Waste of money. The Rigid one has... more
            • I have just the Ridgid driver, and it's pretty nice. - Puckdropper, Tue Jul 13 2021 2:41pm
              Not quite as nice as the Makita, but it has plenty of power and a good build so it's easy to use. The local model railroad club has some Hitachis (I bought them) and the driver can only be used on low speed. It's awful but it does the job. You need to get a few things: Good plastic boxes, a lab... more
              • My friend was the first one to pick one up. - Erik_, Mon Jul 19 2021 1:04am
                After seeing how well it worked for the cost, I got it too. (It was on sale.) I also have the Rigid circular saw but that doesn't really get that much use. It's nice the same batteries work for everything Rigid though. My FIL has some Makita stuff, nice stuff too. So far, I don't have plastic bo... more
                • Cardboard boxes are better for larger things anyway. - Puckdropper, Mon Jul 19 2021 4:44am
                  Just my opinion, but it seems like the plastics they use are really well suited to the "shoe box" size boxes and most the larger sizes are too weak. Sure, there's some nice ones out there but you'll pay way more than a decent cardboard box costs. So label maker sorted! I found a DVD the other d... more
                  • Usually that's for stuff that's going into storage and I'll probably not look at for a long time. We also have those annoying spider crickets in the basement and they definitely find their way into a cardboard box. Car parts, doesn't matter but like blankets and pillows it does. "To useful to be ... more
                    • You need to print out the Puckdropper's Place Logo and place - Puckdropper, Tue Jul 27 2021 4:14am
                      it on the hutch. Sorry I don't have a "high resolution" version, I made it when 640x480 was all a monitor could do. I get having to defend your stuff... Our basement is 99% water proof, but if that sump pump quits (after really heavy rains or whatever) then we get moisture. I won't put anything... more
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