Oh! I remember that. That's an excellent idea!
Sat May 29, 2021 3:03pm

I was already thinking of switches to open doors and such but didn't think about reversing the conveyor belt's direction.

I guess I can reverse the foreground and background color when they get reversed. The tile character can be anything so I don't think I can just swap it to a "<" when a right conveyor belt gets flipped as the original tile character could have been something like "?".


    • Those can be cool - Puckdropper, Sat May 29 2021 5:05am
      I remember conveyor belts with some versions of Zelda. They would also have a switch to change the direction of some belts, so you couldn't access something without finding the switch first. You'd also sometimes be propelled towards an enemy, so you had a problem you had to fix first.
      • Oh! I remember that. That's an excellent idea!- Erik_, Sat May 29 2021 3:03pm
        • Flipping color can be a pretty good clue. - Puckdropper, Wed Jun 02 2021 4:37am
          Especially if you choose contrasting colors so it's easy to see that things have flipped. That might help for "color challenged" people (if you think any such people will play your game.)
          • 95% implemented now... (demo video in message) - Erik_, Thu Jun 03 2021 1:16am
            I created a test world that requires you to flip the switches back and forth to get to the exit teleport. I guess I could have picked more contrasting colors, but for just a test I think it's okay. I'm currently not sure if I want to keep the "blinking" while reversed feature or not. (Actually... more
            • I like it. The conveyors work well, it's easy to tell what - Puckdropper, Thu Jun 03 2021 4:56pm
              they're doing. That hidden or secret wall, though, I'd never have discovered. There was a game called "Milton's Secret Castle" or something. Waste for $5 on the Wii Play store. You basically had to know where everything was to unlock secrets or hidden things, and try everything on every tile. ... more
              • Thanks! Glad to hear it's clear what they are. - Erik_, Fri Jun 11 2021 4:05pm
                Yeah, I guess I could have set the conveyor belt to push you all the way into the wall or something. Where that secret wall is now, you can't exit back out any other way but it could leave you pressing every wall to see which one might "open". (If you even knew that was a possibility).
                • I've seen games do that the first time - Puckdropper, Sat Jun 12 2021 3:28am
                  to "teach" the player that there's a walk-through wall. The next time, they do just what you did. OTOH, some successful games do go for the inescapable chamber approach.
                  • way to show new features to the player. Give them a spot to learn it so that they know how it works in the future (or know to look out for it.) I remember reading the first level in the original Super Mario Bros was designed like this. It showcased jumping, enemies, pits, star power, mushroom, flowe... more
                    • People read tutorials? - Puckdropper, Thu Jun 17 2021 2:41am
                      Before they're stuck? I just don't understand them... People that is. Some will read, some won't but they'll all play the game. The cool thing about the first level was it did all those teaching things but still felt like "level 1" of the game. Some games have a "teaching" mode that feels ex... more
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