I think it was too. It hasn't happened since...
Sat May 29, 2021 2:40pm

I disabled their daily subscription after seeing the spam notification.

There's a link in the email (not hidden at all) to unsubscribe. I'm not sure why they would flag it as spam when you have to sign up for it. I guess it could have also been automatic.

Then again, I know Google and Microsoft make it easy to flag as spam.

    • That probably did it. - Puckdropper, Sat May 29 2021 5:02am (hey, I wonder if you can use them?) claims they have to remove members who report their messages as spam. When a spam filter gets a little overzealous, it can be a bad thing.
      • I think it was too. It hasn't happened since...- Erik_, Sat May 29 2021 2:40pm
        • Email hasn't evolved since the 1980s. - Puckdropper, Thu Jun 03 2021 5:04pm
          Well, depends on if you call HTML email an evolution. I don't. We need some way to manage email lists from the email client so we can unsubscribe and not flag legit servers as spending spam. (Those that are actually *not* spending messages indistinguishable from spam, Comcast. I can't tell the d... more
          • That's a good point about links in email. - Erik_, Tue Jun 08 2021 12:12pm
            Maybe there could be a standard tag in the email body that had the unsubscribe endpoint. And then have an email server option that when you click "unsubscribe" or something like that, it pulls the endpoint and sends a standardized unsubscribe REST request. example tag in email: <unsubsc... more
            • I like it. You could go a little more generic: - Puckdropper, Tue Jun 08 2021 5:07pm
              <email-list destination="" command="unsubscribe" key="7c622f6e-87c4-4ba3-975b-805ebb0d5b2b"> <email-list destination="" command="message_type_critical_only" key="7c622f6e-87c4-4ba3-975b-805ebb0d5b2b">
              • to be added if needed. (Btw, I fixed the post so the tags would show. I found that if you use &lt; for < and &gt; for > it keeps the auto-parser from picking it up.
                • Yeah, I got a bit lazy... - Puckdropper, Fri Jun 11 2021 12:19am
                  I would require a base level of functionality to be supported, then let people add extras if that's what they'd like to do. What do you need to do with an email list? unsubscribe, change email, pause, resume, subscribe We'll assume most people aren't spamming jerks and that they actually earn t... more
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