Throttled the emails a bit more. Also...
Thu May 27, 2021 1:02pm

some one's daily subscription email was bounced back due to being labeled "spam". That might have triggered the block.

  • Google blocked the account again...Need to switch. - Erik_, Wed May 26 2021 5:16am
    I guess 2nd strike hits harder. I'm not even able to test my changes locally because Google locks the account at every email attempt with the App Password. Even generating new App Passwords doesn't seem to matter. Need to find some sort of hosted email service that I can connect to through SMTP A... more
    • I'm pretty sure I can use SMTP through InMotion Hosting - Puckdropper, Sat May 29 2021 5:01am
      You're using Amazon's hosting? Do they provide anything else?
      • I'm using heroku - Erik_, Sat May 29 2021 2:46pm
        Which I think uses aws but they handle all the hosting nitty gritty. I've been really happy with them. There's GitHub integration so I can deploy directly from my release branch. Their containers auto configure based on the project type. So it detects java and sets it up as needed. I just have the g... more
        • You might be able to find email hosting somewhere - Puckdropper, Thu Jun 03 2021 5:10pm
          Domain names are a giant racket, so my advice there is if you really need one buy one cheap for as long as you can, then renew it anywhere that will give you a cheap and long term price. Porkbun has been pretty good in terms of price. It's fairly easy to transfer a domain name. Changing hosting... more
          • Awesome. Thank you for the recommendation! - Erik_, Tue Jun 08 2021 11:34am
            Porkbun had cheap. Bought it for 10 years just for the heck of it. It comes with 3 months free email hosting so I can see if their hosting will work for what I need. If so, I can just use them to host the email too. This site is now accessible: Th... more
            • Awesome. I think things will work better if your messages - Puckdropper, Tue Jun 08 2021 4:59pm
              are coming from a real .com rather than a gmail. Porkbun seems to be pretty cheap on most domains and even on renewal. I haven't found anything better yet (but I only go looking every 7-8 years or so.)
              • though. (I was waiting for builds to happen at work so I figured I'd try with my local DiscApp environment). It looks like the the mail client passes the user & hostname to the smtp server and that's failing because my local account on my local computer it's owned by the email address at porkbu... more
    • Throttled the emails a bit more. Also...- Erik_, Thu May 27 2021 1:02pm
      • That probably did it. - Puckdropper, Sat May 29 2021 5:02am (hey, I wonder if you can use them?) claims they have to remove members who report their messages as spam. When a spam filter gets a little overzealous, it can be a bad thing.
        • I think it was too. It hasn't happened since... - Erik_, Sat May 29 2021 2:40pm
          I disabled their daily subscription after seeing the spam notification. There's a link in the email (not hidden at all) to unsubscribe. I'm not sure why they would flag it as spam when you have to sign up for it. I guess it could have also been automatic. Then again, I know Google and Microsof... more
          • Email hasn't evolved since the 1980s. - Puckdropper, Thu Jun 03 2021 5:04pm
            Well, depends on if you call HTML email an evolution. I don't. We need some way to manage email lists from the email client so we can unsubscribe and not flag legit servers as spending spam. (Those that are actually *not* spending messages indistinguishable from spam, Comcast. I can't tell the d... more
            • That's a good point about links in email. - Erik_, Tue Jun 08 2021 12:12pm
              Maybe there could be a standard tag in the email body that had the unsubscribe endpoint. And then have an email server option that when you click "unsubscribe" or something like that, it pulls the endpoint and sends a standardized unsubscribe REST request. example tag in email: <unsubsc... more
              • I like it. You could go a little more generic: - Puckdropper, Tue Jun 08 2021 5:07pm
                <email-list destination="" command="unsubscribe" key="7c622f6e-87c4-4ba3-975b-805ebb0d5b2b"> <email-list destination="" command="message_type_critical_only" key="7c622f6e-87c4-4ba3-975b-805ebb0d5b2b">
                • to be added if needed. (Btw, I fixed the post so the tags would show. I found that if you use &lt; for < and &gt; for > it keeps the auto-parser from picking it up.
                  • Yeah, I got a bit lazy... - Puckdropper, Fri Jun 11 2021 12:19am
                    I would require a base level of functionality to be supported, then let people add extras if that's what they'd like to do. What do you need to do with an email list? unsubscribe, change email, pause, resume, subscribe We'll assume most people aren't spamming jerks and that they actually earn t... more
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