It's definitely not the fun part of making a game.
Thu May 20, 2021 5:13pm

At least not for me!

Right now, I'm not really worrying about it so much as the test level data formats are still in flux with me making changes. All the levels in the screenshots/videos no longer work with the current version of the editor and engine. I have a few test levels I've thrown together quickly to just test (usually specific) things so I'm not putting time into making them look nice as they may be unusable in the very near future.

The attributes to balance things out are there in the enemy stats and such, it'll be a matter of tweaking them later on during the final level creation. I'm sure that will be "fun" (if not project killing).

My idea is to have "level packs" where you can just drop the engine executable into the pack's directory and it will load up that game's levels/enemies/items/etc. I plan on having a customizable title screen banner as well based on what pack is loaded. Probably some data file named "MAIN.PAK" or something that has the data for the banner as well as the first level's file name. (Follow up levels are determined by the level's exit teleport destination map name)

    • It's a bit of a balancing act... - Puckdropper, Mon May 17 2021 4:23am
      Making sure someone gets some playtime for their quarter (arcade game reference) while not making things too easy so they get too much play time. Yeah, I'm thinking the Capcom Zeldas on Gameboy did 5 letters. It's been a long time since I played the other ones.
      • It's definitely not the fun part of making a game.- Erik_, Thu May 20 2021 5:13pm
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