It took years for my free hosting provider to be a problem
Tue May 04, 2021 12:45am

so it might work that way with your gmail. Sometimes if they "unban" you they also add a note that they did that and you're "unbanned for a reason" and you have less troubles.

No idea, just guessing.

What's this red dot on my shirt? I can't brush it off! There's some total loser over there in the corner, too!

    • Just checked. Heroku doesn't have email hosting. - Erik_, Mon May 03 2021 4:20pm
      So, I'll keep using Gmail for now until it becomes a problem (if it ever does).
      • It took years for my free hosting provider to be a problem- Puckdropper, Tue May 04 2021 12:45am
        • but couldn't find any useful info besides "You possibly violated our TOS". They sent a generic email to my main email account and the actual account that was blocked didn't get any notification at all. Knowing Google, I'm sure there's now a note on the account history about it with the actual re... more
          • Oh the "We let the computer do it" and "You might have done - Puckdropper, Thu May 06 2021 5:35pm
            wrong but we aren't sayin'." I get sites need bots to help run them as they get to a certain size, but really the bots need to be written well enough to give a reason for their actions... Even if it's just an error code and the real reason doesn't go in to detail. FB Marketplace is run by bots i... more
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