That's sort of what it seems like. Google is now causing...
Mon Apr 26, 2021 3:29am

That's sort of what it seems like they're doing. Thankfully it looks to be dying off for now:

Google also blocked my DiscApp account for the subscriptions tonight halfway through the send window which caused some people not to receive their emails.

I re-enabled the account but it's weird that after a year and half of running it decided to flag the account today. I wonder if I'm hitting a threshold of emails to blast out? There are at least about 40 active subscribers that get an email at 12am each night.

Other possibility is that I put the Google IPs on a block list the other day when they started causing the crashes. Maybe they noticed?

Hopefully tomorrows emails go out without a hitch. I followed up with their security stuff as best as I can to re-enabled it. (The site uses an App Password so it shouldn't be blocking this "app" for any reason).

    • Sounds like a front to me... - Puckdropper, Mon Apr 26 2021 5:40am
      "We're security researchers" = "We hack your sites" "We improve the current understanding of the global internet's security" = "We do bad things and force you to make changes if you want us to stop." "Forces act when not restrained" = "Some guys are just gonna be jerks."
    • That's kind of funny.... - Retna, Sun Apr 25 2021 4:55pm
      maybe they crash people's websites and are like, hey, if you pay us for the security analysis we'll stop crashing your servers. Is it possible to expand the logs for that specific IP? Then maybe you can see what query parameters they're using or the HTTP headers in the request.
      • That's sort of what it seems like. Google is now causing...- Erik_, Mon Apr 26 2021 3:29am
        • Automated systems can be weird at times - Puckdropper, Mon Apr 26 2021 5:38am
          Random banning... not a good thing. So 40 e-mails at 12 AM? I can see Google blocking that. However, it's not really that many... sends out thousands at 6:01 AM--I often get 4-5 myself from various groups.
          • some sort of sleep between sending each message or a small group of messages (like every 10 or so) so not to trigger some sort of auto-block system. The unlock I did on the account worked as I received the automatic instant reply notification email when you replied to my message. I guess we'll... more
            • I think I'll still add the throttling config just to have if I need it later as the subscription number grows so not to have to scramble to figure something out if it goes down next time.
              • Yeah, I wonder how little sites do it... - Puckdropper, Sat May 01 2021 10:13pm
                Sites that are running things like bulletin boards with email notifications turned on. That could be hundreds per hour on a really busy site.
                • it wouldn't be such an issue but I'm using a Gmail account for the email notifications and I'm guessing they're a bit more strict being completely free. Btw, I added the email throttling for the daily subscriptions. Now there's a 2.5s delay between each email that gets sent. Haven't had any issue... more
                  • That might be a big part of it. - Puckdropper, Mon May 03 2021 12:32am
                    Lots of spam comes from free e-mail domains. If I see you spool up and send 25 messages a second from a free domain, I'm shutting you down. At least a small delay seems like it someone tried to be considerate.
                    • Just checked. Heroku doesn't have email hosting. - Erik_, Mon May 03 2021 4:20pm
                      So, I'll keep using Gmail for now until it becomes a problem (if it ever does).
                      • It took years for my free hosting provider to be a problem - Puckdropper, Tue May 04 2021 12:45am
                        so it might work that way with your gmail. Sometimes if they "unban" you they also add a note that they did that and you're "unbanned for a reason" and you have less troubles. No idea, just guessing. What's this red dot on my shirt? I can't brush it off! There's some total loser over ther... more
                        • but couldn't find any useful info besides "You possibly violated our TOS". They sent a generic email to my main email account and the actual account that was blocked didn't get any notification at all. Knowing Google, I'm sure there's now a note on the account history about it with the actual re... more
                          • Oh the "We let the computer do it" and "You might have done - Puckdropper, Thu May 06 2021 5:35pm
                            wrong but we aren't sayin'." I get sites need bots to help run them as they get to a certain size, but really the bots need to be written well enough to give a reason for their actions... Even if it's just an error code and the real reason doesn't go in to detail. FB Marketplace is run by bots i... more
                            • There are so many auto mod bots everywhere... - Erik_, Thu May 20 2021 5:18pm
                              FB, eBay, Reddit, Google pretty much like you said. If they're a bigger site, they're there. Not looking forward to the day where everything is bots disguised well enough to fool you into thinking you're talking to an unhelpful person but you're not.
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    "Forces act when not restrained" - Puckdropper