What do I have to do to print TWO copies on a single page?
Sat Feb 27, 2021 1:50pm

My paper is 8.5x11, my card is 5x7. I can fit two on a page, right?

Well, Word won't do it. I can give it a pass, it is Office '97 after all. Sumatra (PDF export) won't do it, won't even let me resize the paper. GIMP won't do it, I'm told to use a desktop publishing suite.

My final solution? Export to PNG, create a copy, then use Window's built in photo printing to finally put two of these cards on a single piece of paper.

You'd think someone would have encountered the problem before and solved it nicely? (I think Paint Shop Pro had a nice layout tool. I need to put that back on here.)

    • Isn't a height of 7 on two 5x7s = 14? Wouldn't that be too large to fit on an 8.5x11 piece of paper? The width would fit, but the height would be too much. It would fit on a legal paper size of 8.5x14. Unless I'm missing something. (Which is very possible. It's super late.)
      • You are, and it's ok - Puckdropper, Wed Mar 03 2021 12:24am
        I've had that sort of thought myself too. Here's how it works, though: The page is 8.5 inches wide, the card is 7 inches wide. You have 1.5" left over. The page is 11 inches tall but the card is only 5 inches tall. You have 6 inches left over, or enough to print a second card. So it's [XXXX... more
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