NE Website - Basic version for old browsers
Sun Dec 20, 2020 12:32am

I threw together a very simple version of the NE Website's homepage that works on old browsers. The current site uses a very tiny bit of javascript to expand/collapse menu areas, CSS and an iframe. These either cause script errors or don't get formatted correctly on old browsers. This basic version is actually a better mobile site than the regular site. The regular site is pretty terrible on mobile.

This version is just straight simple HTML. The sub-pages that get loaded in the iframe are all already very basic so I was able to simply re-use them.

So far, I checked on modern Firefox, modern mobile, Netscape 2.0 and IE 4.0. All displayed the site correctly.. (It should, there's nothing special in the HTML).

Anyway.. here's what it looks like: NE Basic Website

I'll probably add some sort of text after the links before calling it good.


Edit: Added some text on the bottom.

    • Let me pull out my phone - Puckdropper, Sun Dec 20 2020 2:34pm
      Works good on modern mobile. It actually looks better than the desktop version, at least on my screen. There's something refreshing about a page that's simple black on white and doesn't have a bunch of menus for navigation. I'll have to pull the Newton out and see how it handles it. Probably... more
      • Awesome! I think I'm liking it better as well. - Erik_, Sun Dec 20 2020 8:22pm
        I think I'm going to add a user agent check on the main index.html file and when it detects a mobile device, it will redirect that request to the basic NE page. The regular page isn't really usable in its current form on mobile. Let me know how it goes if you end up checking it out on a Newton. I... more
        • I need to pull mine out anyway. - Puckdropper, Mon Dec 21 2020 3:54am
          I haven't turned it on in years, so it's probably time to let someone else have a chance. I should definitely put the NE website in the listing photos. :0) I wonder what Lynx is doing wrong? 406 sounds like a server side thing, but sometimes it's like asking the guy at Wendy's for a postage sta... more
          • I was the same way with my vintage computers... - Erik_, Thu Dec 24 2020 5:58pm
            But after finding a spot for the 486 and XT, I find that I now boot them up pretty often. Before I made room for them, it had been almost a decade for the XT and maybe once a year or so for the 486. I guess I can try running something like Wire Shark when using Lynx to see what the heck its sendi... more
            • Access is definitely a thing... - Puckdropper, Sat Dec 26 2020 3:34am
              I've got some video game systems I need to hook up and play with. Just haven't had time and desire to bring them over yet. I'm sure I'd play some if I had them already set up.
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