NE Code Perserved in the 2020 Arctic Vault!
Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:16pm

This is something crazy I just heard about. Apparently GitHub decided to tar up all their public repos that met some qualification like they were active in the past year with at least one star or they're popular and have over 250 stars. Not sure how wry-parser got pulled in, it doesn't have any stars. haha

Even though there's nothing special about getting put into the vault, it's still cool to think that copies of my craptastic code is sitting in a vault in the arctic. :)

They even gave me a little badge on my GitHub profile:

Link to vault info:

    • V'ger finally returns home... - Puckdropper, Sun Jul 19 2020 8:07pm
      Not Voyager, V'ger from the first movie. The machine intelligence is like "We came from THAT?" when it sees NE source code. Time travel is developed and Eriksen, Inc is obliterated. Thus began the time wars.
      • *Wouldn't that cause V'ger no longer exist? - Erik_, Sun Aug 09 2020 4:42am
        I have to admit my Star Trek knowledge is pretty lacking. Besides seeing the movies at some point and watching Next Gen back in the day and some Deep Space Nine I don't know much. :)
        • Ah yes, the future past paradox. - Puckdropper, Tue Sep 01 2020 5:04am
          Actually it's kinda like Russel's Paradox... but that's set theory. They solved it basically by saying "It exists, don't worry. ;-)" So um, yeah, about those time wars?
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