Erik_ Admin
Disc App Release v1.4.0
Tue Apr 21, 2020 4:13am

Bug Fixes/Features of this release:
* Applications with "Hold" permissions enabled should notify the user after they post a new message. enhancement
* Create streamline way for new users to create a message board. enhancement needed
* Bcrypt strength is hard coded on new user password creations. bug
* Deactivated Owners Can Cause Email Clashs On New Accounts. bug needed
* Increase Owner Email Column from 255 to Max. Task
* Allow admins to query statistics enhancement nice to have
* Move inline style tags into maintenance css for accounts you moderate table. nice to have
* Main site login in / log out link should only say what action it will do enhancement
* IP Block filter attempting to parse no parsable inputs. bug
* Create site wide ip block filter. enhancement

Link to release;

Biggest changes to this release is the site wide IP block filter. This filter finally lets me block out IP addresses that are hammering the logs with BS requests. Sure they may switch to a new IP but at least I can stop them for a bit. I currently have two IPs in there now that I'll have to check on later and see if the logs have changed.

The second big update is an easy way for people to sign up and create a new message board. There's now a one form option to do so instead of having to create an account and then add the feature afterwards. There's not much traffic outside the established apps already but if someone happens by, maybe it will attract them.

There should be a next release soon as there are some quick bug fixes that need to be addressed:
Fixes in 1.4.1:
* Display Owner Information On Site Admin Page Is Broken bug needed
* System Accounts of deleted apps are not getting marked as deleted. bug needed
* Site admin success message when new update posted has a typo bug


Next major release (1.5.0) has some bigger changes and fixes lined up. These include the admin appearance page preview finally working correctly, app admin account password resets, user configured timezones (for logged in users) and sort by thread fix that works after page 1.


Not sure what happened. I haven't touched this code since January and I went in to make a quick change and got sucked into fixing this. There should be more changes soon for the 1.4.1 release but the 1.5.0 release is currently completely unscheduled.

    • Disc App Release v1.4.1 - Erik_Admin, Fri Apr 24 2020 5:39pm
      Well this became a bigger release than I thought. I just kept throwing in small bug fixes here and there... Bug fixes/Features added in release * Add Reason column to IP block table at time of 1.4.1 prod release. Task * Do not log full user record when user logs in with root access. bug nee... more
      • Kinda fun when a release does that..Bug fix and squash - Puckdropper, Tue Apr 28 2020 6:08pm
        and you're like "where do I stop?" Do you do any sort of regression testing?
        • I should but I don't... - Erik_, Thu Apr 30 2020 5:40am
          I currently don't even have unit tests on the project. I guess I can create a ticket to add them. That would be better than having nothing. I do some "post ticket" testing before I commit the changes to git. I also try to keep the simpler tickets towards the end so as I'm working around my local ... more
          • It's not done until it's tested and done. - Puckdropper, Sun May 03 2020 11:32pm
            I get that it's too hard to do a full testing with just one person. Automated unit tests can be a bother to write, too, especially on a small (small?!) codebase like this one. Websites for years have been done "if it's broken, we'll fix it. If the fix breaks, we'll fix it again." The method kind... more
            • There was a push a few years ago that "all projects must have 70% unit test coverage". I don't think I ever wrote so many unit tests in my life and we still didn't make a dent. Eventually they just gave up and told us to make sure all new features have tests. haha. I guess I should be wri... more
              • Wow, 70% unit test coverage - Puckdropper, Sat May 09 2020 11:11pm
                I can only imagine how much code there is. Come to think of it, a performance expert who worked at Microsoft (Rico something???) suggested profiling your code and working hardest on the code that executes that most. That'd probably be the best code to write unit tests for, and let the other code b... more
                • Yeah, I'm glad they dropped that requirement. - Erik_, Wed May 13 2020 1:54pm
                  That's a good suggestion. The most mission critical stuff should be the most shaken out. Nobody wants a call at 2am because over the past 2 weeks there was a memory leak that slowly tanked all the servers. The good news is that for my work stuff, we do have most of our unit tests built around th... more
                  • Unit tests get in the way of glorious glorious code! - Puckdropper, Wed May 13 2020 5:01pm
                    Code is the awesome, gotta keep writing code. Who cares if it's right, good, or even not wrong, just keep adding code! Sometimes I wonder if we could write unit tests then have a system automatically generate the code. Of course the unit tests PASS, the system kept writing code until it did. T... more
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