Happy New Year! Release v1.0.2!
Wed Jan 01, 2020 5:09am

Bugs/Features of this release
* Optimize Search Queries bug needed
* Add Mailing List Subscriber Admin Section to Site admin page. enhancement
* User objects should not each store root email address. bug needed
* View By Date Thread Maintenance Page has some out of order threads bug
* Maintenance Page Search Enhancement. enhancement
* App Thread Search Results should be paged. bug needed
* Instant Email Reply Notification enhancement needed

Not a huge update in this release. Automatic email notifications on replies are back (was requested by other board. I actually forgot it was a feature). I also fixed the search functionality a lot between the admin section and the regular message board. It sometimes used to almost tank the whole site when people would search some queries so I needed to fix that. Site admin section updates were just quality of life changes for myself.

Nothing really interesting for the next release so far besides mostly code clean up. We'll see though.

Current release:
Next Release:

    • being performed on the site already. I figured it wasn't even a blip on any radar but I see attacks being performed quiet regularly in the logs. I guess one of the good things about spoofing .cgi file extension is that all my attacks so far have been for PHP vulnerabilities and none of this site ... more
      • Wow, guess they hit everything hard. - Puckdropper, Sun Jan 05 2020 12:39am
        What do you see in the logs?
        • So far these are pretty constant - Erik_, Mon Jan 06 2020 5:05am
          Requests to try an add crap to the query string: "/discussion.cgi?disc=39627'A=0&article=33768&page=0" They don't always use 'A'. They'll just put a single ' in there and see what happens. They just get a 400 response currently. I also see requests for "/ads.txt"... whatever that is. ... more
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