That kind of junk kept me on Windows for years.
Wed Dec 11, 2019 12:20pm

It's cool to forge your own hammer head, but doing it bare handed with no other hammers at all in which to beat your steel?

Then even things like Debian on iBook: The clock is off, would you like to screw up your OS?

    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss - Erik, Wed Dec 11 2019 2:20am
      I remember doing almost the same thing but on a random old Sparc station I had floating around. Took forever to get X windows installed... got it working then messed with something and broke it and never got it to come back up again. I think it was g++ you had to build of gcc for slackware but my... more
      • That kind of junk kept me on Windows for years.- Puckdropper, Wed Dec 11 2019 12:20pm
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