Butch Behan
Just a point here
Sun Sep 25, 2022 15:17

about Wyatt. He was attempting to fleece J. Y. Patterson out of $2,500 in the early 1900s in Los Angeles. Los Angeles police arrest Wyatt and, I believe, two other guys for a "bunco" scam.

Wyatt was claim jumping in Idaho after he left Tombstone and he was not younger at that time.

That is just a couple of points to show that Wyatt was never a "constructive citizen."

OK, he was an efficient officer and no doubt a courageous man but in my opinion, he did not use his gifts for good.


  • A subject or two, maybeTom Gaumer, Tue Aug 23 2022 3:13
    Bob "Wyatt said a special branding iron was there that was specially made to make US into D8 in one burn. Most rustlers knew to use a running iron because it would do a cleaner job and making a complete... more
    • Just a point here — Butch Behan, Sun Sep 25 2022 15:17
      • About IdahoTom Gaumer, Tue Sep 27 2022 14:09
        Howdy Butch I believe in Idaho Wyatt was testing a law that required the person claiming some land for a mineral claim to actually be there. The idea was you could not claim land under another person's... more
        • With all due respectButch Badon, Fri Sep 30 2022 16:53
          I do not believe Wyatt's intentions were to test any law. The victims of Wyatt's claim-jumping scheme had to file law suits against him. By the time the court got around to separating the wheat from... more
    • Re: A subject or two, maybeBob Cash, Wed Aug 24 2022 9:06
      Tom, you say, "That is the point. Wyatt didn't know and thought the D8 would do the whole job." Hurst's "card" in the EPITAPH was actually a reward poster seeking informants as to the whereabouts of... more
      • Bob/ this is interesting...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 24 2022 10:10
        ...because, once again, Hurst does not explain his position very well in his reward post. He says "...it is believed that they were there branded on the left shoulder over the Government brand, U.S., by... more