Sharon Cunningham
Edith Kitt
Fri Sep 23, 2022 7:09

Hi, Jerry, Joyce and Bob... Thanks for your input on Mrs. Kitt. After learning her given name, I finally found her online and saw her ages-long contribution to AZ history.
Joyce, I agree with you about the missed opportunities in her Qs to Vaughan. I have access to several online historical research sites, but Vaughan is surprisingly missing! If Mrs. Kitt had only asked for dates and names of Vaughan's traveling companions, it might prove easier to trace his life in Arizona!
Joyce, if you learn that Edith Kitt filed all her interviews in one place, please let me know? I'd love to see if she interviewed any of Vaughan's companions.
Thanks, Y'all.


  • Re: Edith Kitt...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 22 2022 13:27
    ...It is interesting that Edith Kitt had an impressive Resume and was considered a leading authority on Arizona history; but when reading over Frank Vaughn's memoirs recorded by Mrs. Kitt, I am disappointed... more
    • Ms. Kitttom gsumer, Sun Sep 25 2022 13:37
      Sharon Ahs told me Ms. Kitt's interviews are not together in one file but separated and placed in separate files of the people she spoke with.
    • Edith Kitt — Sharon Cunningham, Fri Sep 23 2022 7:09