Joyce A. Aros
attendance at TTR...
Thu Sep 22, 2022 7:26

...Paul, do not be concerned. I fully understand how these events work and each must chip in to cover expenses. It is not a problem and I hope you have not been embarrassed by the question. I am very much looking forward to your presentation.

it is very kind and thoughtful of you to suggest I drop in. I will sign up and say hello to everyone and am sorry some will not be able to make it. It is getting harder as we get older or live a distance away. But that seems to be the case with everything nowadays.

  • Peter (and Joyce) - your questionpaul j, Wed Sep 21 2022 22:41
    I may have gotten ahead of my skis, so to speak. The people to ask are the organizers, which I cannot be (living as far away as I do). What I do know is that we've had more local folks in recent years... more
    • attendance at TTR... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 22 2022 7:26