Wayne Sanderson
Re: please come to TTR
Wed Sep 21, 2022 22:10

Sadly, Joyce, we cannot attend this year for health reasons. Too bad- I’ve been looking forward to chatting with you, and I only shoot bad guys, so you’re safe with me 🤣

  • please come to TTRpaul j, Wed Sep 21 2022 12:31
    Joyce - I'd love for you to come to TTR - Mike Mihaljevich and I have a presentation concerning Frank McLaury that features new information (NOT in my book). We'll be giving it on Wednesday evening at... more
    • Re: please come to TTR — Wayne Sanderson, Wed Sep 21 2022 22:10
    • paul j. TTR - is it now a Free-for-all?Peter brand, Wed Sep 21 2022 22:04
      Hi paul I have not attended TTR for many years. Can anyone just drop in on the event on any day to see all the presentations and then sell books at the event without paying the TTR Registration fee?... more
      • Peter (and Joyce) - your questionpaul j, Wed Sep 21 2022 22:41
        I may have gotten ahead of my skis, so to speak. The people to ask are the organizers, which I cannot be (living as far away as I do). What I do know is that we've had more local folks in recent years... more
        • attendance at TTR...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 22 2022 7:26
          ...Paul, do not be concerned. I fully understand how these events work and each must chip in to cover expenses. It is not a problem and I hope you have not been embarrassed by the question. I am very much... more
    • Thank you for the invite...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 21 2022 13:01
      ...I usually don't go as I am afraid I'll be shot, but if you offer protection...I will show up! I am intrigued by new information on the ranchers. Thank you again.