Bob Cash
" was believed..."
Tue Sep 20, 2022 22:52

"Whatever the truth, two guns blazed almost simultaneously with Virgil's comand. These first two shots, it was believed, were fired bt Wyatt Earp and Morgan Earp."

Thse words were written by an author who had personal contact with a large number of Tombstone residents 47 years after the street fight, many of whom had been residents on October 26, 1881. I wonder who of those old pioners the writer interviewed believed that Wyatt and Morgan fired the first two shots and why.

    • re: was believed...Jones, Wed Sep 21 2022 21:25
      Wyatt confessed in court to firing one of the first shots. A man confessing is quite convincing. Since it's highly unlikely that Wyatt fired one of the first shots, I can't help but wonder why he would... more
    • Arizona sourcesJerry Prather, Wed Sep 21 2022 13:26
      This seems to be a rather unusual way for Burns to begin his account of the street fight, since the next paragraph is directly from Wyatt Earp's statement at Spicer's Hearing. Maybe he is attempting to... more
      • Re: Arizona sourcesBob Cash, Wed Sep 21 2022 17:01
        But, Jerry, nobody from the prosecution side testified that Wyatt and Morgan fired the first shots. They all testified that it was Doc and Morgan.
      • Re: Arizona sourcesBob Atwood, Wed Sep 21 2022 15:31
        We notice on Burns' 'Sources' page ix quite a few old-timers' names. Two of them stand out as contemporaries who were close to the action: Breakenridge and Edward Vail of Empire Ranch notoriety. The latter... more
        • Edith KittSharon Cunningham, Thu Sep 22 2022 8:50
          Was this Edith Kitt, the 1934 interviewer of FRANCIS J. VAUGHAN, whose comments re many of the Cochise County citizens was spoken of here earlier in the year? If so, Bob, what exactly did her position... more
          • Re: Edith KittBob Cash, Sun Sep 25 2022 19:04
            Sharon, in a quick search of for "F.J. Vaughn" and "Frank Vaughn" I came up with literally hundreds of articles fom Tucson, Tombstone, and Bisbee papers. There seems to have been two 'F.J.... more
            • Bob/ you have the right man...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Sep 25 2022 19:11
              ...and so you can see why his statements might be more acceptable regarding the situation out at Drew's. Sadly, Mrs. Kitt did not seem to have a curious nature as she did not attempt to pursue any additional... more
              • Re: Bob/ you have the right man...Bob Cash, Mon Sep 26 2022 17:57
                Sharon, because of his long public service Frank Vaghn's staements "might be more acceptable", as you say. However, when it comes to anything related to the Earps one has to be very careful with the memoirs... more
          • Notes on KittJerry Prather, Thu Sep 22 2022 15:40
            Hello Sharon, This is not going to add much to what has already been provided, but Edith Kitt is mentioned in two notes in Mark Dworkin's book: Edith Kitt to Burns, on Arizona Pioneer's Historical Society... more
          • Re: Edith KittBob Atwood, Thu Sep 22 2022 13:58
            The online bio says that Edith Kitt assumed the position of secretary of the Arizona Historical Society and remained the secretary for the Society for 22 years and became a leading authority on Arizona... more
            • Re: Re: Edith KittSharon Cunningham, Mon Sep 26 2022 8:06
              Bob - sorry for waiting so long in responding. I THINK, in my mess of books, I have Burns', but can't find it with a hay rake! Books stacked everywhere! Does Burns' sources state the names of the "pioneers... more
              • The 26 [sic 25]Bob Atwood, Tue Sep 27 2022 5:10
                William P. Breakenridge "my chronicles of John Slaughter are based on the recollections of Mrs. John Slaughter of Douglas, on the clippings treasured in her scrapbook and on the manuscript memoirs...written... more
                • Bob, THANKSSharon Cunningham, Tue Sep 27 2022 10:00
                  for this list! It's too darned bad that Mrs. Kitt did not file all her interviews in one place... as well as under the interviewees' names! Of course, I'm just selfishly thinking of the research time it... more
                • Lutley...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Sep 27 2022 6:50
                  Bob, I hope you can give us more on this. It was fun to see MR. Lutley's name at the top as I happen to own the Lutley house in Tombstone. My elderly neighbour, who passed away many years ago, used to... more
                  • Re: Lutley...Bob Atwood, Tue Sep 27 2022 17:27
                    I'm looking into a few of them, but Lutley is two or three years late for being a true contemporary to our early 80s action. Henry Smith is another matter, being a true contemporary for all of the time... more
                  • GOOD STUFF, JoyceSharon Cunningham, Tue Sep 27 2022 10:04
                    That you own the Lutley house! Wish I'd known that when I was still visiting you in T'stone, Lo, these many years past!
                    • Sharon....Joyce A. Aros, Tue Sep 27 2022 11:48
                      You will be happy to know I am trying to keep the house as close to the original as I can. It is now 140 years old and was originally Judge Moses' home for about a year. The walls are very thin and there... more
                      • Lutley HouseSharon Cunningham, Wed Sep 28 2022 9:05
                        Great to see in my mind's eye, your home, Joyce. I'm so glad it has owners who care for history... even a 140-year old house! Hugs, my ol' Friend. Sharon
            • Re: Edith Kitt...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Sep 22 2022 14:27
              ...It is interesting that Edith Kitt had an impressive Resume and was considered a leading authority on Arizona history; but when reading over Frank Vaughn's memoirs recorded by Mrs. Kitt, I am disappointed... more
              • Ms. Kitttom gsumer, Sun Sep 25 2022 14:37
                Sharon Ahs told me Ms. Kitt's interviews are not together in one file but separated and placed in separate files of the people she spoke with.
              • Edith KittSharon Cunningham, Fri Sep 23 2022 8:09
                Hi, Jerry, Joyce and Bob... Thanks for your input on Mrs. Kitt. After learning her given name, I finally found her online and saw her ages-long contribution to AZ history. Joyce, I agree with you about... more
      • " is believed..." is often...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Sep 21 2022 13:48 introduction to speculation; in this case a favoured view toward Wyatt Earp's testimony. I suspicion that much of the town spent endless hours in the local saloons exchanging viewpoints on what was... more