Joyce A. Aros
...more mule manure...
Wed Sep 14, 13:08

...thankfully, Wyatt Earp does manage to entertain us even after all these years. He continues on, desperately trying to convince many, and successfully so, that the mule account has merit and repercussions.

He says this; "...about one month after we followed up those mules, I met Frank and Tom McLaury in Charleston...they told me if I ever followed them up again as close as I did before, they would kill me..."

Aside from making sure he is the featured player being threatened, Wyatt is now threatened with death for 'following up too close!' The audience has already forgotten that the marshal's group did not 'follow' McLaury tracks in the dirt but followed a lead given by a guy in Charleston, after the military had already been sent out into the location where they suspected the mules had been taken. The military assumed the mules were in that district.

So should we not be asking why these two ranchers who had nothing to do with the mule fiasco are suddenly intent on murder? Neither one saw the mules and it was Hurst who made an issue with Frank and only Frank, and so they should have been out of sorts with Hurst, not the Earps who rode away peacefully though disappointed.

But I cannot let it all go as I visualize this conference between the three. Wyatt Earp had the reputation of being a rough man to deal with. Are we to believe he is standing there letting these two short guys threaten his life and not react? After all, he is the king of buffaloing with a pistol. Ranchers and cowboys did not usually get into fisticuffs of sorts; they used weaponry.

Believe me, it gets better!

    • Re: ...more mule manure...Peter Love, Fri Sep 16 19:49
      I don’t believe the McClaury brothers ever made any threats to the Earps before the gunfight. I also think that many people would sympathise with Franks newspaper response to the soldier’s public... more
      • Hi Peter/ there is a saying...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Sep 17 6:48
        ...I always liked and cannot remember who originally said it, but it is a thinker. " ...When you change the way you look at things; the things you look at change..." I find it helps one get a truer... more