Bob Cash
Re: A saddle sore Chairman of the Board
Tue Sep 06, 2022 13:40

Jerry, you and Olds are not making my day. I do remember some of these titles. Maybe I've seen parts of them, but just blocked it from my memory. I know EVERYBODY loves RIO BRAVO, but me. Same for SHANE, never watched it all the way through, the kid is too annoying. Don Rickles quote was very appreciated. I will probably google some of his and Frank's talk show appearances later today. I will check out the Jack Lemmon video you suggest also.

  • A saddle sore Chairman of the BoardJerry Prather, Tue Sep 06 2022 10:22
    Bob, there were also such stinkers as Johnny Concho, 4 For Texas(with Dean Martin), Sergeants 3(with the whole rat pack along for the ride and Sammy as Gunga Din! Directed by John Sturges!) The Kissing... more
    • Re: A saddle sore Chairman of the Board — Bob Cash, Tue Sep 06 2022 13:40