Jerry Prather
ps: Three Graves
Mon Sep 05, 2022 14:44

Just watched the Zane Grey Theatre episode "Three Graves". Jack Lemmon rides into a town where no guns are allowed. He concocts a scheme to take over the town and gain the riches he assumes will follow. It doesn't turn out as planned. James Best shows up with similar ideas which leads to a final showdown. It's cleaver, light-weight fun. However, Jack Lemmon still seems out of place underneath a cowboy hat. Go East young man - back to where Judy Holliday, Kim Novak, and Marilyn roam.

  • Lemmon's one & onlyJerry Prather, Mon Sep 05 2022 12:21
    Howdy olds, I saw the movie COWBOY in my local theater when it first came out. I think this was Jack Lemmon's only big screen Western(thankfully). I totally enjoyed it in 1958, but when I have tried to... more
    • You can addolds, Mon Sep 05 2022 17:09
      me to the list of those who have not seen Vidal's 1955 "The Death of Billy the Kid." Wonder what if any is the connection there to the 1989 Val Kilmer Kid TV film, also written by Vidal. I have seen... more
    • ps: Three Graves — Jerry Prather, Mon Sep 05 2022 14:44
      • Here's JackJerry Prather, Tue Sep 06 2022 7:12
        I found that this has recently been added on Youtube:
        • Geej whiz, Jerryolds, Tue Sep 06 2022 15:04
          Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on your post entitled "Here's Jack" only to discover that the Jack you were referring to was Lemmon. (Yes, I know, that that was the subject at hand.) For me, as... more
          • A musical interlude for JackJerry Prather, Wed Sep 07 2022 7:44
            Bruce, I didn't recognize the name Colin Hay, but Men At Work certainly rang a bell. Had not heard the song for quite a while. It and several others from them are great. So, here's "Looking For Jack":... more
          • Will the real Jack please stand upJerry Prather, Tue Sep 06 2022 15:49
            Well, the real Jack actually was in the back of my mind when I wrote that. How could he not be? With inappropriate casting being discussed, how horrible would it have been if after that axe chopped the... more
      • Yes, andolds, Mon Sep 05 2022 17:12
        Lee Remick and Shirley McLaine. (By the way, my mis-spelling of Lemmon in the prior post was inadvertent. No aspersion cast.)