sharon Cunningham
Everybody has a bad day...
Mon Sep 05, 10:49

Unfortunately for this command, this day was Custer at his worst!!!
And, Wayne, we aren't talking about the WBTS, as Eddie calls it, we -- or at least I-- am talking about an arrogant mister who was making a living off his C.W. rep., and it cost the lives of 260something men...
Imagine what was going thru his feeble mind when he saw, in that Oh Sh-T moment, that Indian coming straight at him...???


  • Re: custerWayne Sanderson, Sat Sep 03 21:56
    In a devil’s advocate defense of of Audey, it’s useful to remember that in addition to Custer, George Washington, U.S. Grant, R.E. Lee, Douglas MacArthur and George S. Patton, while they went down in history... more
    • Everybody has a bad day... — sharon Cunningham, Mon Sep 05 10:49
    • Re: Re: custerWayne Sanderson, Sun Sep 04 14:08
      One really bad decision Custer made was to leave his company of Light (Horse) Artillery behind. At this time cavalry were still composed of roughly the same TO&E as they were in the Civil War. One... more