Wayne Sanderson
Re: custer
Sat Sep 03, 21:56

In a devil’s advocate defense of of Audey, it’s useful to remember that in addition to Custer, George Washington, U.S. Grant, R.E. Lee, Douglas MacArthur and George S. Patton, while they went down in history as great military leaders also made the occasional flub on the battlefield. Nobody hits a homer every time at bat. Custer, alone among those I mention above managed to get himself killed in the course of his battlefield mistake.

Major General Sir Edward Michael Pakenham doesn’t wear anywhere near as much infamy as Custer here in the US but he’s looked at more or less in Britain as Custer is here. Pakenham was Wellington’s star corps commander, whom the Duke used to smash Napoleon in the campaign leading up to and including Waterloo. As a capstone to his successful career, Wellington selected Pakenham for a straightforward but glorious new campaign- Pakenham and 8000 of his best troops were put aboard ship and sent to face an inferior force of about 5700, largely militia and backwoods troops, with orders to take a high value target that would make a big dent in Britain’s other war opponent. Pakenham and many of his troops died trying to take New Orleans, beaten by Andrew Jackson and his scratch force.

Everybody has a bad day occasionally.

  • custerSharon Cunningham, Sat Sep 03 7:42
    I know I'll catch flak for this comment, but CUSTER WAS A PUTZ! He didn't listen to his Indian scouts and got 250+, and himself, wiped out... Arrogant glory-hound! And don't even get me started on... more
    • Re: custer — Wayne Sanderson, Sat Sep 03 21:56
      • Everybody has a bad day...sharon Cunningham, Mon Sep 05 10:49
        Unfortunately for this command, this day was Custer at his worst!!! And, Wayne, we aren't talking about the WBTS, as Eddie calls it, we -- or at least I-- am talking about an arrogant mister who was making... more
      • Re: Re: custerWayne Sanderson, Sun Sep 04 14:08
        One really bad decision Custer made was to leave his company of Light (Horse) Artillery behind. At this time cavalry were still composed of roughly the same TO&E as they were in the Civil War. One... more
    • CusterEddie Lanham, Sat Sep 03 13:55
      Sharon! Don't hold back! Get that demon out of your system. Being from deep in Dixie, I probably should highly dislike the young general, but I have to admit he was a fighting machine during the WBTS.... more
    • :-) .... (nm)DL Staley, Sat Sep 03 7:57
      • That Putz CusterSharon Cunningham, Sun Sep 04 7:14
        Y'all are just bring nice to an old Southern woman! I said I'd catch heck, but never thought it'd be so nicely stated.