Bob Cash
Wow. (nm)
Thu Sep 01, 2022 18:33

  • "Chasing Bily the Kid"Roy B Young, Thu Sep 01 2022 8:24
    My newest book, co-authored with Kurt House, is "Chasing Billy the Kid: Frank Stewart and the Untold Story of the Manhunt for William H. Bonney." The foreword is by Mark Garnder and the DJ shows endorsements... more
    • Chasing Bily the KidRoy B Young, Mon Oct 17 2022 11:45
      No Kindle or e-book versions. Sorry. I'll be selling books at Tombstone Territory Rendezvous next week; if you are in the area, please drop by.
    • Re: "Chasing Bily the Kid"Mike Mayberry, Fri Sep 02 2022 6:02
      I would like an autographed book.
      • Autographed CopiesRoy B Young, Fri Sep 02 2022 14:17
        Mike, I have one waiting for your order! E-mail me to discuss.
    • ExcellentEddie Lanham, Fri Sep 02 2022 4:16
      book with many quality pictures and new information.
    • Wow. (nm) — Bob Cash, Thu Sep 01 2022 18:33