• Vaughan ms.Sharon Cunningham, Sat Aug 27 9:35
    Tom - Got the Vaughn ms. this morning... Naturally, have LOTS of questions... Who, among you others who've received this article, have done further research into Vaughn's statements? I can get into... more
    • WhereButch Badon, Sun Sep 25 15:24
      Can one get a copy of the Vaughn manuscript. Years ago (while still a student) I found an account of the stage robbery incidents written by, I think, Frank or Francis Vaughn. Is the Vaughn manuscript... more
      • Butch/ sounds like...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Sep 25 19:16
        ...that is the right one, the one you mention. However, if you have doubts I know Tom Gaumer would be happy to send you a copy.
    • Re: Vaughan ms. — Bob Cash, Sat Aug 27 14:25
      • Re: Re: Vaughan ms.Bob Cash, Sat Aug 27 14:32
        • Re: Re: Re: Vaughan ms.Bob Cash, Sat Aug 27 14:53
          The Redfields were implicated in various crimes for years. Vaughn's vouching for their reputation doesn't exactly lend a lot of credibility to his other character reference for the McLaurys, of whom the... more
          • Vaughan ms.Sharon Cunningham, Sun Aug 28 8:14
            Thanks so much for the info, Bob. I haven't been researching/writing about the Old/Wild West in a while, but still interested in whatever others learn. This Vaughan/Redfield, etc. stuff is new to me. Thanks... more