Sharon Cunningham
Vaughan ms.
Sat Aug 27, 9:35

Tom - Got the Vaughn ms. this morning... Naturally, have LOTS of questions... Who, among you others who've received this article, have done further research into Vaughn's statements?
I can get into ancestry's military records to find the date of his discharge, but some of the places/maps, local history, etc. is beyond me here in N.W. Tennessee.
For instance, who are the Reddfields and where was their ranch? Details are sorely missing about Lem's lynching, too...
Wish Vaughn had gone into more detail....

    • MaybeTom Gaumer, Tue Sep 27 12:55
      Sharon I just went and got the Vaughan Reminisense (sp) when Joyce mentioned it as I live here in Tucson. When I found out the interviews were in the individual files of the interviewees, I just came... more
    • WhereButch Behan, Sun Sep 25 15:24
      Can one get a copy of the Vaughn manuscript. Years ago (while still a student) I found an account of the stage robbery incidents written by, I think, Frank or Francis Vaughn. Is the Vaughn manuscript... more
      • Butch/ sounds like...Joyce A. Aros, Sun Sep 25 19:16
        ...that is the right one, the one you mention. However, if you have doubts I know Tom Gaumer would be happy to send you a copy.
    • Re: Vaughan ms.Bob Cash, Sat Aug 27 14:25
      • Re: Re: Vaughan ms.Bob Cash, Sat Aug 27 14:32
        • Re: Re: Re: Vaughan ms.Bob Cash, Sat Aug 27 14:53
          The Redfields were implicated in various crimes for years. Vaughn's vouching for their reputation doesn't exactly lend a lot of credibility to his other character reference for the McLaurys, of whom the... more
          • Vaughan ms.Sharon Cunningham, Sun Aug 28 8:14
            Thanks so much for the info, Bob. I haven't been researching/writing about the Old/Wild West in a while, but still interested in whatever others learn. This Vaughan/Redfield, etc. stuff is new to me. Thanks... more