DeArment's Bat book
Thu Aug 25, 2022 22:09

If DeArment's research is correct neither Bat nor Wyatt were in Dodge when Clay "treed" the town. Bat was in Kansas City and Wyatt was 4 miles off fighting fires with other deputies.

  • Re: The original articleBob Cash, Wed Aug 24 2022 18:43
    Thank you, Steve. Are there any additions to the text appearing in the Enquirer?
    • Re: Re: The original articleSteve Gatto, Sun Aug 28 2022 14:51
      With the exception of minor changes to the heading, they're more or less the same story lines.
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      • Re: DeArment's Bat bookBob Cash, Fri Aug 26 2022 14:56
        Thee's been a lot of research done since DeArment wrote Bat's bio, and a lot of it was done by people who learned how to resarch Western characters by emulating DeArment's methods. I don't have DeArment's... more
        • Re: Re: DeArment's Bat bookerik hewitt, Fri Aug 26 2022 19:27
          DeArment has the date as Sep. 17 or 18, 1878. Did the "Rogers" factor the Cheyenne renegade activities into their timeline? DeArment sets his dates for the event and Siringo's arrival on this and... more
          • Re: Re: Re: DeArment's Bat bookBob Cash, Mon Aug 29 2022 9:55
            Erik, Roger Myers has not passed on. I said he "is now absent" as in absent from this board. It is my understanding that he recently had an article published in the WWHA Jornal. I wish he would begin to... more
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              I went throgh th archives to find Roger's and/or Roger's explanation of how they agreed on the date of Allison showing up in Dodge City as September 24, 1878 and not the 19th, as Roger Myers first thought.... more
              • Any other criteria for Sept. 24?Bob Admirer, Mon Aug 29 2022 17:56
                I realize the duo Roger could not pick Sept. 19, 1878, for the imbroglio with Clay Allison, since Bat did not arrive home from attending the Kansas City Fair until Sept. 23. The K. C. Fair commenced on... more
                • Re: Any other criteria for Sept. 24?Bob Cash, Thu Sep 01 2022 13:41
                  To the best of my memory, they arrivd at the date of September 24th because, partially, of references to he Dull Knife raid in the newspapers and an initial misunderstanding of when Cape Willinghm, who... more
                  • Re: Re: Any other criteria for Sept. 24?Bob Cash, Thu Sep 01 2022 18:53
                    I really don't remember, but it is possible that the two Rogers researched the news that Cape Willigham told Siringo about the previous day's events in Meade City and the near the Crooked Creek store.... more