Joyce A. Aros
Paul/was there another Frank?...of course.
Thu Aug 25, 2022 10:23

....Well, sometimes I run ahead of myself when I am wound up on these things, but I should have differentiated between Frank Patterson and Frank McLaury. Of course, I am sure you realized I was referring to McLaury, but others may not have. Thank you for the oversight; I know I am a little zealous at times.

But the thought occurs to me, based on your additional information about the connection between Hurst and Frank McLaury, that perhaps Hurst was out of line in accusing Frank McLaury as being an accomplice. Should he have not known him or about him and showed more respect, rather than assuming because Frank McLaury lived in the same neighbourhood, he automatically is in cahoots?? Hurst sounds like Frank had him pegged right off. I still think Frank was justified.

To me, I see Hurst as looking foolish and trying to save face. There is always more in the background than the recorded word.

Thank you for the correction. I should have been talking less and thinking more; but I think many are getting used to me.
Best, Joyce

  • Why so het-up, Frank?paul j, Thu Aug 25 2022 8:49
    Joyce - I'm very impressed by your interpretation of events. It's confusing which "Frank" was approached or offered to help Hurst. When you wrote this: "It looks like Hurst waited, got no response... more
    • Paul/was there another Frank?...of course. — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Aug 25 2022 10:23
      • just clarifyingpaul j, Thu Aug 25 2022 10:47
        Joyce - I didn't think you were confused. The confusion between Frank Patterson and Frank McLaury has come down through the many times this 'mules incident' has been reported and written up by others... more
        • Re: just clarifyingBob Cash, Fri Aug 26 2022 8:15
          Paul, since you have studied this entire situation probably more than any other researcher/author, what is your opinion on whether the stolen mules had a second brand unmentioned by Hurst or Wyatt, the... more
          • Bob/Wyatt's whopper....Joyce A. Aros, Fri Aug 26 2022 8:53
            Bob, if you go back and look at my original posts on this subject and also in my book when you get it, you will see that Wyatt's story about tracing the McLaurys to the ranch is indeed full of holes. There... more
            • I don't remember allButch Badon, Fri Sep 30 2022 17:03
              but somewhere in Parsons' diary he mentions being at the McLaury ranch (and this could have been during the mule search incident, but I am not sure) when Virgil Earp "greeted warmly" the outlaw Curly Bill.... more