Joyce A. Aros
Bob/ this is interesting...
Wed Aug 24, 2022 10:10

...because, once again, Hurst does not explain his position very well in his reward post. He says " is believed that they were there branded on the left shoulder over the Government brand, U.S., by the letter and figure D8..."

So he is going on the word of someone else, apparently this Dave Estes; but Hurst now establishes that at no time has he even seen the mules and has no bloody idea where the things are! So he is wandering around groping in the dark, which only supports Frank McLaury's accusation of irresponsibility on Hurst's part.

Hurst quoted Estes, supposedly, on the understanding that the left shoulder brand was the one Estes knew was being altered. No further information was given.

This Hurst was totally incompetent and even Virgil could see that and so could Frank McLaury. Hurst should have had Patterson arrested by Virgil when Patterson admitted having the mules.

But the joke of it all is Wyatt's getting away with outright and obvious lies in his statement in court!

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    Tom, you say, "That is the point. Wyatt didn't know and thought the D8 would do the whole job." Hurst's "card" in the EPITAPH was actually a reward poster seeking informants as to the whereabouts of... more
    • Bob/ this is interesting... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 24 2022 10:10