Joyce A. Aros
Bob/ I think I answered down below...
Tue Aug 23, 2022 16:40

... but anyway, I do believe, based on Hurst's reward posting, that the mules were stolen and were somewhere on the vast property where the Pattersons and McLaurys were squatting, running their own bunches of cattle in order to build a ranch elsewhere; at least in the case of the McLaurys. The Pattersons didn't seem to be so stationary.

These men did not actually have their own ranches. Just locals referred to them as their ranches because they were allowed to stay on the property for a period of time. Once better established, the McLaurys moved on to the Sulphur Springs area where they started a permanent arrangement.

  • Re: Bob/ sources again...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 23 2022 15:13
    Ioyce, you still did not answer my question, In light of your previous post: Do you think thee were any mules stolen and broght the McLaury or Patterson ranch?
    • McLaury responseButch Badon, Fri Sep 30 2022 17:10
      Didn't Frank McLaury, following Hurst's "card" in the newspaper, challenge Hurst's account of the mule incident. As I recall, Frank was not happy about Hurst's allegations. Butch