Joyce A. Aros
Makes no differance,Tom....
Fri Aug 19, 2022 20:22

...Bob, just wanted to make a note on your response to Tom, something that registered late as often happens with me.

There is no reason to believe Hurst saw the changed brand on the mules as it is quite likely he never saw the mules at all. He dealt with Patterson, according to testimony by Wyatt, but we have no actual wording anywhere from Hurst himself except from the 'Card' he placed in the newspaper posting a reward for the lost mules.
Only Wyatt claims he saw the stamp iron and the changed brand. Not likely, Patterson is the only man that Hurst dealt with, according to Wyatt, and then Hurst, according to Frank McLaury sought out Frank and had words with him. This we know from Frank's piece in the newspaper.

So as usual, we have Wyatt's story with no back-up. We are expected to take his word for everything. I see no evidence that Lt. Hurst actually saw the branding or the mules. I think, if the mules were on the property, they had been turned out. Virgil Was Federal Marshal and had authority to round up those mules right then and there if they were there, and would have! Hurst and soldiers could not do it. Why would Hurst have to wait for the mules being returned if they were right there? Patterson and Co. were not going to take on the military and bring down trouble with government troops. This is a very poor account on the part of Wyatt.

  • Makes no difference, TomBob Cash, Tue Aug 16 2022 8:46
    Whether Wyatt knew a running iron from a clothing iron makes no difference. The fact is that the U.S. brand had been altered to D8 and this was witnessed by Lt. Hurst. Since the second brand was never... more
    • Re: Makes no difference, TomWayne Sanderson, Mon Aug 22 2022 23:09
      As the animals Hurst was looking for were mules, if they were pack mules they would have been assigned to the Quartermaster Department, not any specific regiment. If there was a second brand besides the... more
      • Wayne/ oddly enough?Joyce A. Aros, Tue Aug 23 2022 10:14
        Pack mules would be marked as you say, Quartermaster Dept., and some mules were used for working the rugged mountainsides of the Huachucas and Dragoons. Fort Kearny was just Camp Kearny at the time, not... more
    • Makes no differance,Tom.... — Joyce A. Aros, Fri Aug 19 2022 20:22
    • Sure it does BobTom Gaumer, Wed Aug 17 2022 13:21
      Bob Your "perhaps the reason they were stolen" is just speculation and Wyatt needs all that he can get. The fact one brand had been altered to D8 and the other brand was not mentioned is more likely... more
      • Re: Sure it does BobBob Cash, Sat Aug 20 2022 8:00
        Tom and Joyce, without realizing it, y'all are kicking me while I'm down. My central air conditioning went down and the entire system needs to replaced so we are roughing it in a hotel currently and I... more
        • I can only imagine...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 20 2022 9:06
 miserable you and the family must feel. Be assured that we are most sympathetic. Aside from the inconvenience and discomfort I am sure the additional layout of financial stress is almost unbearable;... more
          • Re: I can only imagine...Bob Cash, Sat Aug 20 2022 13:57
            Dn't despair, Joyce. I went to the house today and brought Casey's ad Bossenecker's books back with me and those should give me plenty of ammunition latr this weekend.
            • Bob/ glad to hear it...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 20 2022 15:02
              ...'cause you are goin' to need them! I will try to catch up on my sleep.