Bob Cash
Re: Re: your manusript
Tue Aug 16, 2022 9:04

Tom, what do you think about Lt. Hurst not knowing there were two brands, which is implied by your question?

  • Re: your manusriptTom Gaumer, Mon Aug 15 2022 18:33
    Hello Bruce I don"t know about such a manuscript except one I just came into contact with. It is 9 pages long and mostly about other things. I could type up the part about chinese and the Earrps if... more
    • Re: Re: your manusript — Bob Cash, Tue Aug 16 2022 9:04
      • I didn't know I had implied anything about HurstTom Gaumer, Tue Aug 16 2022 17:07
        Bob I thought I was implying an ignorance by Wyatt. He is the source of the idea that one brand would cover the identity and source of the ownership of the mules and it would be created for a giant... more
    • earpbruce frey, Mon Aug 15 2022 19:30
      he would of had to be familiar with cattle rustling practices if he was any kind of lawman? I'm interested in what the manuscript has to say about Doc!!
      • Turns out...Joyce A. Aros, Mon Aug 15 2022 20:52
        ...Wyatt Earp knew absolutely nothing about rustling practices and so he, apparently, was not much of a lawman after all! Let's not forget he was essentially...a city boy. Didn't know a branding... more
        • Re: Turns out...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 16 2022 10:10
          While it is probable that Wyatt didn't know the finer points of a massive criminal rustling operation like your heroes the Cowboys,nothing in Wyatt's testimony infers he didn't know a branding iron from... more
          • Turning back again...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 17 2022 11:25
            ...What the heck is the support for a statement like "massive criminal rustling?" We are talking about six mules! ...There is almost NO chance those guys had a government branding iron available.... more
            • By the way...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 17 2022 11:56
              ...just to keep me honest, the mule brands info came from Fort Huachuca years ago. Some nice people there did some research for me which was really worth-while. Just a clarification. Other than that... more