Joyce A. Aros
Turns out...
Mon Aug 15, 19:52

...Wyatt Earp knew absolutely nothing about rustling practices and so he, apparently, was not much of a lawman after all!

Let's not forget he was essentially...a city boy. Didn't know a branding iron from a running iron.

  • earpbruce frey, Mon Aug 15 18:30
    he would of had to be familiar with cattle rustling practices if he was any kind of lawman? I'm interested in what the manuscript has to say about Doc!!
    • Turns out... — Joyce A. Aros, Mon Aug 15 19:52
      • Re: Turns out...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 16 9:10
        While it is probable that Wyatt didn't know the finer points of a massive criminal rustling operation like your heroes the Cowboys,nothing in Wyatt's testimony infers he didn't know a branding iron from... more
        • Turning back again...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 17 10:25
          ...What the heck is the support for a statement like "massive criminal rustling?" We are talking about six mules! ...There is almost NO chance those guys had a government branding iron available.... more
          • By the way...Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 17 10:56
            ...just to keep me honest, the mule brands info came from Fort Huachuca years ago. Some nice people there did some research for me which was really worth-while. Just a clarification. Other than that... more