Peter Love
Re: Speaking of the devil
Mon Aug 15, 4:22


Any chance of you linking to this when published? I did think that photo of Curly/Cactus Bill with the apparent scar in the neck, and the jut-jaw as described by the British mining man; were illuminating. Particularly as Bill Graham had been contemporaneously said to be Curly Bill.

OTOH Randolph’s Bill Brosius story was also compelling to me as our man. So many commonalities, it’s a shame the original author- who’s name I’ve forgot= did not give sources.

  • Speaking of the devilRobert Buckley, Thu Aug 11 12:43
    Hi Steve..... I have an article on Curly Bill coming out this week in the Hidalgo County Herald . His name was William Hanks Graham, not William A. Graham as you wrote in your post.
    • Re: Speaking of the devil — Peter Love, Mon Aug 15 4:22
      • Re: Re: Speaking of the devilRobert Buckley, Mon Aug 15 5:56
        Peter, the article was published on August, 12 . You can download a copy from this link.....
        • Thanks RobertPeter Love, Tue Aug 16 18:37
          We need a book on the Grahams.
          • Peter, the link I posted aboveRobert Buckley, Wed Aug 17 17:07
            The link I posted above now has the August, 19th paper on it. The article I wrote is in the August, 12th edition of the paper. If you didn’t get the article downloaded before today, just email me and I... more