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Sun Aug 14, 2022 18:28

Erik my friend, it is a history error to automatically assume that all false claims were made by Wyatt Earp.
One example: Stuart Lake's Frontier Mashall. Lake did not send a one-time manuscript to his publishers.
This MS was returned to Lake several times with suggestions and corrections including the request for re-writes.
The publishers informed Lake several times that a Book should be "based" upon a story, not the story itself.

On the other end of the push-pull spectrum, Josie was also demanding changes and deletions of the manuscript. She even threatened litigation.

Lake could have saved a lot of money per his expensive and travel research.

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    Wyatt had little in his senior years. Maybe he was thinking of Sadie's well being after he passed? His life story was about all he had left to sell. Why not embellish a smidge here and a tad there?... more
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