Re: Re: Re: Frankie:)
Fri Aug 12, 2022 19:39

Yes, ham and cheese.

I got sick of Cali and moved to Texas.

  • Re: Re: Frankie:)erik hewitt, Fri Aug 12 2022 17:51
    Nice to see you again too! The Ham and Cheese manuscript? You still down in SOCAL? I live up near SF now.
    • Pam Potter: aka "Frankie" (nm)B.J., Sat Aug 13 2022 15:44
      • SobriquetPam Potter, Sun Aug 14 2022 7:49
        I miss the days of the sobriquet. There were some fun and interesting pen names.
        • Re: SobriquetB.J., Sun Aug 14 2022 17:34
          Frankie, remember when B.J. Hurst ordered you to return the mules? LOL
    • Re: Re: Re: Frankie:) — Pam Potter, Fri Aug 12 2022 19:39