Speaking of the devil
Thu Aug 11, 12:43

Hi Steve..... I have an article on Curly Bill coming out this week in the Hidalgo County Herald . His name was William Hanks Graham, not William A. Graham as you wrote in your post.

  • Curly Bill - The Moral To The Story . . .Steve Gatto, Thu Aug 11 11:35
    is that simply finding an article or document that refers to a man as "Curly Bill," or someone whose name is William Brocius (or some variation), William Bresnaham (or some variation), or William Graham... more
    • Curly BillButch Behan, Sun Sep 25 15:34
      I know you have been working on Curly Bill and what happened to him for a long time. And your book on Curly is outstanding. What feeling do you have about Farmer's book on Curly in which Farmer identifies... more
    • Very popular nichnamePeter Love, Thu Aug 11 18:51
      ..for curly-haired Williams. I reckon about 150 in the age group. There would have been even more Curly Johns but they don’t seem to feature!
    • Speaking of the devil — Robert Buckley, Thu Aug 11 12:43
      • Re: Speaking of the devilPeter Love, Mon Aug 15 4:22
        Robert Any chance of you linking to this when published? I did think that photo of Curly/Cactus Bill with the apparent scar in the neck, and the jut-jaw as described by the British mining man; were... more
        • Re: Re: Speaking of the devilRobert Buckley, Mon Aug 15 5:56
          Peter, the article was published on August, 12 . You can download a copy from this link..... https://www.hidalgoherald.com/shop/p/thisweek
          • Thanks RobertPeter Love, Tue Aug 16 18:37
            We need a book on the Grahams.
            • Peter, the link I posted aboveRobert Buckley, Wed Aug 17 17:07
              The link I posted above now has the August, 19th paper on it. The article I wrote is in the August, 12th edition of the paper. If you didn’t get the article downloaded before today, just email me and I... more