Bob Cash
Re: DeArment's Bat book
Wed Aug 10, 2022 7:42

Robert DeArment's BAT MASTERSON was one of the first biographies of a Old West character that was rigorously researched. using as many primary sources as available at the time, and with sources footnoted. Without books like DeArment's showing others the way to produce Lawman/Outlaw books as serious history, we would not be where we are today. I don't disagree with anything y'all are pointing out, just that any critique of his early writing must be given in context. He corrected the great majority of his mistakes in BAT MASTERSON in his later indispensable writings, including GUNFIGHTER IN GOTHAM: BAT MASTERSON IN NEW YORK.

  • DeArment's Bat bookerik hewitt, Sun Aug 07 2022 21:22
    If DeArment's timeline of Bat's adventures are correct, Wyatt did a lot of lying. Wyatt wasn't a buff hunter in '72. Wyatt didn't stand down Ben Thompson, Wyatt and Morgan didn't bump into Wild Bill... more
    • Re: DeArment's Bat bookB.J., Sat Aug 13 2022 16:28
      Some events attributed to Wyatt Earp "standing down" Ben Thompson more probably was inflated by various writers. I have never seen any evidence of this claim. ... more
    • Re: DeArment's Bat book — Bob Cash, Wed Aug 10 2022 7:42
      • DeArment's Bat bookerik hewitt, Sat Aug 13 2022 18:27
        Hey, Bob! About 1/5 (my guess) of the book are contemporary news articles, personal letters, etc. I couldn't agree more, this is the correct way to put a "History of..." together. And it's a VERY... more
      • Very true, and...DL Staley, Wed Aug 10 2022 8:10
        Gunfighter in Gotham is a fantastic read.
        • Re: Very true, and...Pam Potter, Thu Aug 11 2022 20:52
          I don't believe that was a very popular book but I too enjoyed it.
          • Frankie:)erik hewitt, Thu Aug 11 2022 22:01
            Back to the DeArment book. The Clay Allison trees Dodge City incident is very cleverly displayed for what it was and what is wasn't! Pam!!!! How are you?
            • Re: Frankie:)Pam Potter, Fri Aug 12 2022 5:24
              Long time no "see". Ah the good old days. Every time I see your name I remember the post about a sandwich or something? :)
              • Re: Re: Frankie:)erik hewitt, Fri Aug 12 2022 17:51
                Nice to see you again too! The Ham and Cheese manuscript? You still down in SOCAL? I live up near SF now.
                • Pam Potter: aka "Frankie" (nm)B.J., Sat Aug 13 2022 15:44
                  • SobriquetPam Potter, Sun Aug 14 2022 7:49
                    I miss the days of the sobriquet. There were some fun and interesting pen names.
                    • Re: SobriquetB.J., Sun Aug 14 2022 17:34
                      Frankie, remember when B.J. Hurst ordered you to return the mules? LOL
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                  Yes, ham and cheese. I got sick of Cali and moved to Texas.